Sunday, May 11, 2014


Birthdays, Anniversaries, or any other occasion are special, and become extra special when bake cakes at home! I love baking and decorating cakes. I wanted to write in detail about each decorative cake I have baked so far, but not sure when will it happen. Until that happens, I thought I will place the pictures of all the cakes I have decorative so far to keep them at one place. Please feel free to reach me if you have specific questions.

Eggless Vanilla Elmo Cake (Adapted from Betty Crocker)

Homemade Fondant Cake

Butterfly Cake (Adapted from Betty Crocker)

Eggless Vanilla Cake

Eggless Castle Cake (Adapted from Betty Crocker)

Eggless Pineapple Cake

Eggless Black Forest Cake

Eggless Vanilla Cake(Adapted from Wilton)

Eggless Vanilla Cake

Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes

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