Thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Mamta and I currently reside in United States.

My blog is a platform to share my recipes (cooking/baking) that I create in my kitchen.  I have been  in kitchen a very few times until I came to US.  I started learning cooking from my mother before coming to United States, to make sure I can cook, and eat healthy food while away from home.

The passion to start cooking was there for a while during school years in US, and then it got a boost after my marriage. Until then I knew cooking regular meals (daal/lentils, roti/tortilla, and chawal/rice). My husband is from southern part from India, so cooking expanded from North Indian regular meals to also making dosas/crepes, idli/steamed cakes, and sambhar/lentil variety, and other southern recipes. I have been taught the intricate details of South Indian cooking through my mother-in-law.

My encouragement for cooking and baking comes from the food blogging world where I get to try healthy yet different cuisines in my kitchen. Along with that my husband provides the critic on food that I cook in my kitchen.

I also love the land of baking that I can do endlessly if given the time and crowd to feed:)!  My mother would bake cakes on all birthdays. I feel the passion for baking comes from remembering from childhood seeing the birthday cake getting baked in oven, and sharing it with family and friends. Specifically, I like to try egg less baking.

The name of this blog has evolved in the desire to cook/bake healthy meals. In addition, desserts, and any other snacks eaten in moderation along with healthy lifestyle( in form of yoga, exercise, etc.) can help one to remain healthy and try different varieties of food.

 All recipes have been prepared, tasted in my kitchen.

Please email me at lightfooddesireATgmaildotcom with any feedback, comments.


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