Friday, January 31, 2014

Diaper Cake

I stumbled upon what a diaper cake is, while searching for something else on internet, Ah moment! These diaper cakes are inedible, yet sweet, calorie free treat to cherish and remember. The diaper cake serve the dual purpose. One, these truly serve the best usable gifts for expecting parents. Second, they serve as nice decoration center piece for a baby shower catching everyone's attention.
There are numerous YouTube videos, and blogs that can help one get creative ideas for decorating this cake.
I used this YouTube video as it teaches in a very simple way how to assemble the diapers for the diaper cake.
I have made 2 diapers cakes for 2 different baby showers.  I completed the diaper cake over period of three days spending 15-30 minutes/day. The maximum time is spent to roll and tie the diapers with rubber band. Decorating the diaper cake is more fun, and can be finished relatively very quickly. The first diaper cake took a little longer to complete because I was doing it for first time, however, the second one was done in less than 20 minutes because I had learnt the technique already.

I had collected all the decoration stuff for the diaper cake beforehand, so that I do not have to wait till last minute on how I would need to decorate the diaper cake. I used decorative ribbons to hide the rubber bands and the ribbons added a  nice look for the diaper cake. I made a bow with ribbon  to tie each layer together, and did not have to use the glue gun. I used the paper towel round long cardboard to hold the diapers together in the center. I placed the diapers on a cake decorating board. I used Pampers size 2 diaper pack, and made 3 layer diaper cake using 68 diapers. Top layer has 8 diapers;  Middle layer has 20 diapers with  8 diapers in center and 12 diapers outside; Bottom layer has total of 40 diapers with 8 diapers in center, 13 diapers around 8 diapers, and 19 diapers in the outermost circumference.


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